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Recommended Reading

During learning to drive there are several books that will help you not only learn to drive but prepare for your theory and practical tests. We have details some of our recommended ones here.

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The Highway Code:

The "Highway Code" is essential reading. This is the rule-book for driving and contains lots of vital "Do's and Don'ts". It is also available in a CD-ROM version

image of Driving - The Essential Skills book

Driving - The Essential Skills:

You will also find "Driving - The Essential Skills" really useful. This is the "how-to-do" book, and is the companion to the Highway Code.

image of Know Your Traffic Signs book

Know Your Traffic Signs:

Another useful book is "Know Your Traffic Signs" This goes into far greater detail on signs and road markings than the Highway Code.


The above are all official publications which are available from The Stationary Office (TSO), and should also be available from all good bookshops. They can be ordered on-line. For prices and availability go to TSO on-line and click on the "DSA-Driving" link. 

For your Theory test, you can buy books with all the questions and answers, from between £6.00 to £12.00. The DSA one is good, but the driving school editions (AA or BSM) are less expensive and actually better in some respects.

Best of all, though, are the CDs/DVDs now available as they also cover the "Hazard Perception" element of the Theory Test. These vary between £10.00 and £20.00.

Make sure you buy the most up-to-date version!


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